For what was Matthew known? Collecting taxes for the Romans. This accountant turned Apostle is someone worth honoring. This candle came to fruition because of the new tv series The Chosen. The way that it highlights St. Matthew is one that makes sense. Just like any accountant, this scent is conducive to crunching numbers. Aged Paper can be described as the smell of books mixed with the smell of coffee. If you are one that likes to read in a cafe or found a cafe that has older books, this is the candle for you. Inside this candle is a medal of St. Matthew, the patron Saint of Bankers.

Aged Paper

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    • Made with soy wax
    • 8oz Candle in tin can with lid
    • Contains prayer card
    • For wick instructions, see bottom of candle.
    • Scan QR code to learn more about your Saint!