Have you ever heard the song "Were you there?" It is common during Lent. There is one person that could say "yes" to that question, Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was there when Jesus carried His cross and was nailed to it. She was there when the tomb was empty, and she was one of the first to see resurrected Jesus. This makes her the ultimate Witness. Being that she is the patron Saint of sexual temptation and perfumeries, it is only appropriate for her candle scent to be Love Spell. As you melt the candle, a medal of St. Mary Magdalene will appear.

Love Spell

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    • Made with soy wax
    • 8oz Candle in tin can with lid
    • Contains prayer card
    • For wick instructions, see bottom of candle.
    • Scan QR code to learn more about your Saint!