St. Jude, known for his intercessions when times are desperate or hopeless, is identifiable by the flame placed above his head in images and on statues. St. Jude is one of the apostles, and it is said the reason he is the Saint of hopeless causes is his name and identity was always mistaken for the fallen apostle Judas. To encompass the burning flame above his head, we figured a fire roasted scent would be appropriate. As your burn the scent of fire roasted marshmallow, St. Jude's medal will appear in the wax. Pray, Smell, and Learn about the life of St. Jude.

St. Jude

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    • Made with soy wax
    • 8oz Candle in tin can with lid
    • Contains prayer card
    • For wick instructions, see bottom of candle.
    • Scan QR code to learn more about your Saint!