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St. Bernadette

Patron Saint of Illness, People Ridiculed for Piety/Poverty, Shepherds, and Lourdes, France

St. Bernadette was born to a poor family in Lourdes, France.  One day, she stumbled across a grotto where she saw an apparition of The Blessed Mother over a beautiful rose bush near the spring. Many did not believe what St. Bernadette claimed to see, but she knew that the vision was indeed Mary, and each time, she greeted Mary by humbly kneeling before Her and praying the Rosary.  


One of the reasons why the Holy Water from this very grotto in Lourdes is considered to be healing waters is because Mary asked Bernadette "to drink of the water of the spring, to wash in it and to eat the herb that grew there" as a penance, and ever since then, the once muddy waters became crystal clear. Because of this sign and St. Bernadette's story, many people journey to Lourdes to receive healing in various forms as well as answers to prayers as an act of entrustment to Jesus through Mary.

St. Bernadette, pray for us!


St. Jude

Patron Saint of Desperate Situations and 

Lost Causes

Feast Day: October 28

St. Jude, also known as Thaddaeus, was one of Jesus' twelve apostles who is commonly misunderstood to be Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus on the night before his crucifixion.  For this reason, St. Jude is known as the Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes. He is often depicted with a flame above his head to signify his presence at the Pentecost when he received the Holy Spirit with the rest of the apostles.

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St. Jude, pray for us!


St. Peregrine

Patron Saint of Cancer Victims

Feat Day: May 1

St. Peregrine was born into a very wealthy family and experienced a conversion to Catholicism after once being a strong political force against the faith.  After experiencing a vision from Mary, he joined the Servite order and became a good confessor, bringing many souls back to the faith as well.  

St. Peregrine was diagnosed with cancer of the foot, and the night before his operation to amputate his foot, he spent much time in prayer and silent reflection.  In the morning, his cancer was completely healed, and the amputation was no longer necessary.  This miracle is the reason many of those afflicted with various forms of cancer still turn to him as a powerful intercessor in their prayers while battling their illnesses or before undergoing an operation.  He is an inspiration to turn to God in praise even amidst the darkest of times, and he is proof that those simple acts of faith will be rewarded.

St. Peregrine, pray for us!


St. Thomas Aquinas

Patron Saint of Students and all Universities

Feast Day: January 28

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St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!


St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Patron Saint of the Missions

Feast Day: October 1

St. Thérèse of Lisieux is most commonly known as "The Little Flower"; hence the chosen name for this candle.  She maintained all throughout her life a spirit of doing little things with great love, an idea commonly referred to as the little way, and an idea later adopted by Mother Teresa.  Her humility and gentle spirit are among the many qualities that make St. Thése so admirable. 

She had a special devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Carmelite order, which she desired to join before her untimely death at age 24.  St. Thérèse is most often seen in connection to flowers, most specifically roses, and many even offer Novenas in her name in hopes to receive a rose of validation at the conclusion of the Novena.  To this day, St. Thése maintains her promise of showering the Earth with roses from Heaven.

St. Thése of Lisieux, pray for us!


St. Teresa of Calcutta

Patron Saint of World Youth Day

Feast Day: September 5

St. Teresa of Calcutta, or Mother Teresa as some still lovingly call her, is a powerful, modern-day Saint who brought the heart of Jesus to the poorest of the poor. At the age of eighteen, she left home to pursue missionary work, where she modeled her life after the humble and little way of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, doing small things with great love.

While traveling from Calcutta, St. Teresa was so convicted by a call to share Jesus' thirst for souls. As a devoted missionary, she made it her life's work to share this thirst for souls with each person she encountered. One way she accomplished this goal was by founding the Missionaries of Charity, dedicating the order's service to the poorest of the poor.  She shared her "I Thirst" meditation with her fellow religious sisters and encouraged all to find their own version of Calcutta to serve the "poorest of the poor" who do not know Jesus.  St. Teresa helps us better understand just how much love Jesus has for us and how much he desires our hearts.

St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!


St. Padre Pio

Patron of Civil Defense Volunteers, Adolescents, Pietrelcina, Stress Relief, and January Blues

Feast Day: September 23

Padre Pio was born into a very faith-filled family.  At the age of five, he knew he wanted to devote his life the Christ, and his parents were very supportive of this devotion, encouraging him to attend daily Mass with them.  He was gifted with the ability to see guardian angels, Jesus, and Mary as a result of his devout holiness.  

He was a sickly adolescent, and often took on many forms of penance, but through his sufferings, he remained devoted to Christ and was even rumored to have levitated in ecstasy of prayer once. 

One day while hearing confessions, he felt such a painful sting on his hands and feet, and upon looking down to examine his palms, he noticed the stigmata.  The wounds of Christ appeared on his hands and feet, began to bleed, but never became infected.  What is even more amazing is that these wounds smelled of fresh roses: a clear sign of The Blessed Mother's presence amid the painful experience. These miraculous experiences are what draw many to the life of Padre Pio as a model of faith.

St. Padre Pio, pray for us!


Mother Angelica

Praying for her Sainthood

Founder of EWTN

Mother Angelica is one of my favorite people. Known to many for her bravery to expose scandal and promote truth, many perceive Mother Angelica as divisive.

Aside from that notion, Mother Angelica was a Franciscan nun who belonged to the order of perpetual adoration. One of her admirations is her ability to acknowledge the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. She did everything in her power to make sure that no one did anything to disgrace her groom (Christ).

Through her tough love, Mother Angelica wanted to get many souls to heaven and through helping many people follow the Catholic Church's teachings.

Mother Mary Angelica, pray for us!


St. Monica

Patron Saint of Wives and Abuse Victims

Feast Day: August 27

Many know St. Monica as the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo. Aside from mothering St. Augustine, St. Monica was the wife of Patricius, who was a pagan.

As the spouse of a non-believer, she prayed fervently for her husbands conversion, and one year before his death, her prayers were answered. However, she continued to be the source of prayer for her family and prayed for her son Augustine who had fallen from Christianity. Her prayers were answered and Augustine converted and became a great theologian and Saint.

Let us learn to pray for the conversion of our loved ones like St. Monica.

St. Monica, pray for us!


St. Michael the Archangel

Patron Saint of Grocers, Soldiers, Doctors, Mariners, Paratroopers, Police, and Sickness

Feast Day: September 29

St. Michael the Archangel is known for being an archangel who casted Satan and all fallen angels into hell. In Catholic tradition, St. Michael has 4 duties: Combat Satan & fallen angels, help save souls from Satan especially around time of death, to protect all Catholics and the Church itself, and to lead the faithfully departed to their final judgment.

We call upon the intercession of St. Michael to help combat the evil in this world.

St. Michael, pray for us!


St. Maximilian Kolbe

Patron Saint of Drug Addicts, Prisoners, Families, and the Pro-life Movement

Feast Day: August 14

St. Maximilian Kolbe is one of our Modern-Day Saints. He was a Franciscan Friar in Poland during WWII.

Honored with the candle name of The Volunteer, St. Maximilian was a prisoner in Auschwitz where he volunteered to spend many nights in solitary confinement and be starved to prevent others from encountering it.

St. Maximilian Kolbe volunteered to face death in place of a man in the camp. He is a martyr of the Church, dying because of his Faith.

St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us!


St. Matthew

Patron Saint of Bankers

Feast Day: September 21

St. Matthew had a profession that most of the Jewish population despised. He was a tax collector for the Roman Empire. 

Known for his Gospel writings with the Jews in mind, St. Matthew was called to follow Jesus while working in his tax collector's booth according to scripture.

Although little is known about St. Matthew, we give thanks for his gospel account of Jesus Christ, and we pray for his intercession.

St. Matthew (Patron Saint of Bankers),

pray for us!


St. Mary Magdalene

Patron Saint of Converts, Repentant Sinners, Sexual Temptation, Pharmacists, Tanners and Women, and many other places and causes.

Feast Day: July 22

The Witness is the only suitable name for a candle for Mary Magdalene. As a female who followed Christ religiously throughout the New Testament, Mary Magdalene witnessed some extraordinary moments.

Jesus and Mary's relationship began with Jesus casting out demons from Mary's being. It was from there that her public ministry of following Christ began. 

Mary Magdalene witnessed Christ's public ministry, Christ's death on the cross, and she was the first to witness the resurrection.

St. Mary Magdalene, pray for us!


San Juan Diego

Patron Saint of Indigenous Peoples

Feast Day: December 9

San Juan Diego, a native of Mexico, is the first Roman Catholic indigenous saint from the Americas. Juan Diego is known for his Tilma. San Juan Diego saw a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When the Bishop heard this, he asked Juan Diego to provide proof.

A convert through the Franciscans, Juan Diego had a deep devotion to Mary and sought her out asking for proof to present to the Bishop. Mary asked him to collect flowers in the midst of December and she arranged them in his cloak. When Juan Diego went to the Bishop, he opened his cloak, and an image of Mary appeared. As promised by Mary, Juan Diego's uncle was also healed. 

His Cloak is still in perfect condition and hanging in Basilica of Guadalupe today.

San Juan Diego, pray for us!


St. John the Baptist

Patron Saint of Various Places

Feast Day: June 24 

St. John the Baptist, Jesus' Cousin, Son of Elizabeth. John the Baptist had a great role, preparing the way for Jesus! St. John the Baptist was part of fulfilling the prophecy when meeting Jesus at the Jordan River and baptizing him. It was in that moment when the Holy Trinity was revealed.

John the Baptist was murdered for his public ministry and truthful words. King Herod's wife asked for John's head, and her wishes were fulfilled.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!


St. Joseph

Patron Saint of Fathers and Peaceful Death

Feast Day: March 19 and May 1

St. Joseph is known as the chosen foster father of Jesus Christ.  He was betrothed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and upon learning she was with child, with the help of an angel, he took her into his home and made her his wife. Because of this humble act of bravery and trust, he is a model of compassion and masculine strength.

He is known as a skilled carpenter, working man, and humble father. His greatest concern was getting his family to heaven, so he prioritized the safety of the child entrusted to him and left everything behind to keep Mary and Jesus safe. 

Fun Fact: It is a Sicilian custom to build a St. Joseph's Altar every year on March 19 to celebrate his feast and to make offerings of prayer and sacrifice.  These meatless altars contain bread, beans, fish, pasta, Italian cookies and more.

St. Joseph, pray for us!


St. John Paul II

Patron Saint of World Youth Day

Feast Day: October 22

Born in a small Polish city in 1920, Karol J. Wojtyla, who later became Pope John Paul II, experienced the height of the Nazi invasion of World War II.  His childhood foreshadowed a life of many challenges for him, but there was also much grace.  Amid a time of much sorrow, he is known for receiving the last secret Our Lady of Fatima revealed, which helped bring about the fall of Communist Russia during the Cold War.  

St. John Paul II is known for his deep love and consecration to The Blessed Mother, and he coined the mantra Totus Tuus "totally yours" to reflect his devotion to Mary. Many use the simple prayer as inspiration to commit to a stronger bond with Our Mother.

He is also a powerful image and example of humility, generosity, and mercy as he visited in prison the man who attempted to kill him when he served as The Holy Father of the Catholic Church just to express to him his love and forgiveness. What an excellent model of charity and peace.

St. John Paul II, pray for us!


St. Joan of Arc

Patron Saint of Soldiers & France

Feast Day: May 30

St. Joan of Arc grew up in a poor French family and received her first call to holiness when she was just thirteen years old.  Many requests were made of her that tested her sense of bravery at such a young age, such as leading French soldiers to remove the English from French territory. Throughout it all, she found strength in the prayer "Thy Will be done."  She is an excellent model of trust in the Lord's Will even when it seems impossible. 


Upon her death sentence, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake and held her head high as she requested a Crucifix to be held over the crowd so she could keep her sight set on Jesus and heaven.  She is the epitome of a warrior and fighter for just causes.

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!


St. Gianna Beretta Molla

Patron Saint of Mothers, Physicians, & Unborn Children

Feast Day: April 28

St. Gianna was born in Italy in the 1920s. Growing up in a Catholic Household, St. Gianna stayed true to her Catholic Faith. Upon completion of Med School, St. Gianna had a calling to join her brother who was a mission priest in another country. There she could offer her medical services. Sadly, St. Gianna's chronic illness gave her another path.


St. Gianna stayed in Italy and married. She and her husband had four children. While pregnant for her fourth child, St. Gianna developed Fibroma, which meant she was carrying a tumor and a baby in her uterus. St. Gianna told the doctors to do everything to save the child over herself. Surgery to remove the tumor was successful.

During the birth of her fourth child, St. Gianna underwent complications and died, but her goal of saving her child's life was successful!

St. Gianna, pray for us!


St. Francis of Assisi

Patron Saint of Animals, Merchants, & Ecology

Founder of the Franciscan Order

Feast Day: October 4

Born in Assisi, France, St. Francis had a relatively easy upbringing. His family was very rich. In his younger age, St. Francis was a party "animal" (see what we did there?). Even after being a prisoner for ransom, he still returned to his party lifestyle. 

Upon leaving for war a second time, St. Francis heard a calling from God to turn around and go home. Although he adhered, he still did not leave his ways. St. Francis' true conversion came later when he envisioned Christ on the Crucifix telling him to "repair the church." At first, St. Francis thought Christ meant the church building, but through this thought, St. Francis left his familial ways and dedicated himself to a life of poverty & Christ.

Preaching the Word of God, St. Francis unintentionally created a following and from there the Franciscan Order was envisioned.

St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us!


St. Dymphna

Patron Saint of Individuals with Mental Illnesses

Feast Day: May 15

Born in Ireland, Dymphna lived a very chaste and religious life. At the age of 15, St. Dymphna's mother died. Her father who suffered with mental inflictions, decided he would marry his daughter. St. Dymphna received word of this, and she fled to a nearby country.

When St. Dymphna's father found where she had escaped to, he traveled there and tried to force his daughter to marry her. After refusing, he killed her.

St. Dymphna is considered a virgin and martyr because she gave up her life for her purity, which she dedicated to Christ at the age of 14.

St. Dymphna, pray for us!

Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

Blessed Virgin Mary

Holy Mary, Mother of God!

Marian Feast Days: January 1 and 8, February 2 and 11, March 25, May 13 and 31, June 17, July 16, August 15 and 22, September 8, 12, and 15, October 7, November 21, December 8 and 31

Known as the "New Eve." Mary is the mother of Jesus. As the mother of Jesus, Mary is commonly visited, asked for intercession, or honored by many Catholics. This can be done through saying a rosary, calling upon her to intercede, or praying for a specific devotion (to name a few). 

Mary can be found throughout the Gospel from her "Fiat" (Saying yes to God's Will) to the Wedding at Cana (asking Jesus to perform his first miracle).

As you burn your candle, pray a quick Hail Mary to call upon the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners!